• Left or right click to use your current weapon
  • Press "E" near to chests to open them. You can collect new weapons, or potions.
  • Sometimes you can get the same weapon you're using. So it'll look like nothing happened. Sorry!
  • Press "1", "2", "3" to use potions


  • There are 4 kind of potions. One heals, one damages, one gives you movement speed, and the last one steals movement speed. Try them!
  • If your potion list is full, you'll automatically use the potion


We didn't have time to finish the story, so just reach the end of every hallway to enjoy a brand new, harder, hallway


For some reason, if the iframe loses focus, you won't be able to move again. 

Click the on of the 50px bars above and under the game to fix it :)



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